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Three Funny Videos from Mugaritz With English Subs

By FDL on

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Three Funny Videos from Mugaritz With English Subs

For the first time with English subtitles FDL is happy to bring you three great videos from the creative team over at the Mugaritz restaurant run by chef Andoni Luis Aduriz.

The first video in the series is called La prohibición de las flores (The Prohibition of Flowers) and was first shown at the Gastronomika festival in 2010. It was created as a response to the prohibition of herbs and flowers in cooking - ingredients the Mugaritz team are famous for cooking with.

The video is very funny, showing Chef Aduriz and his team arrested after a flower foraging trip gone wrong. Sharp eyed viewers will notice a similarity between the story of Andoni and his team arrested for flower picking and that of Grant Achatz's latest video which shows the Next team arrested for stealing vegetables as they plan their upcoming vegan menu.

The highlight of the vid has to be a solum looking Andoni dressed as a rabbit, reflecting on his crime of flower picking at 52 seconds.

The second is the equally funny video titled, Por Que Viene La Gente - a comical study asking the question: Why do people come to Mugaritz?

You may assume that food is the obvious answer and if so, you'd be surprised to find out that understanding why people visit their restaurant is something the Mugaritz team take very seriously, analyzing thousands of emails to discern exactly what it is that motivates people to visit the restaurant.

We'll give you a clue, it's not for Andoni and it's not just for the food.

The third and final video is the tale of Dr. Exactus - a gastronomic leader who slowly rises the ranks of the culinary world through starting as a dish washer before eventually becoming one of the best chefs in the world.

Like every good story this also involves peril as Dr. Exactus is tragically defeated at the height of his career by, wait for it.....a plate of super fresh and chewy gummy bears. Try as he might, the culinary great just can't seem to turn his skills to plating the little sweets and his career begins a gummy bear led downward spiral from there.

FDL would like to thank Susana and Oswaldo from the Mugaritz team for their work in helping subtitle the videos.

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