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Video Recipe: The Frozen S'more by Dominique Ansel

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Video Recipe: The Frozen S'more by Dominique Ansel
Photo Screenshot: The New Yorker

We've alrea brought you the news of Dominique Ansel's latest dessert hybrid - a frozen s'more or, as we like to call it, the S'morecicle and now the innivative pastry chef has revealed more about his latest creation in a video interview with The New Yorker.

Using a Turkish style maraş dondurma - an ice cream with a thick consistency and resistance to melting thanks the use of a thickening agent called salep - the pastry chef, who rocketed to fame when he created the cronut, has created a unique take on the classic s'more.

In this video interview Ansel shows how he makes his new hybrid and talks about his love for creating new desserts. He says he will continue to create new combinations and that he absolutely loves to discover new things in the kitchen. Ansel is coming out as way more than a one hit wonder, more a pastry chef with a genuine passion for new textures, techniques and combinations. He tells the interviewer that he hopes to create hundreds of new desserts for people and we're really begining to see him emerge as more than the creator of the cronut.

We can't wait to see what he does next and for now sit back and take a look at look at the video below - we almost want a S'morecicle more than a cronut.

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