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Vicky Lau's Culinary Journey

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Vicky Lau's Culinary Journey

The third episode of CNN International’s Culinary Journeys TV show aired last weekend this time focusing on chef Vicky Lau.

Previous episodes have seen the likes of Massimo Bottura and Dominique Crenn embarking on their own culinary journey somewhere in the world and the third instalment saw Lau, who was picked as the best female chef in Asia by Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2015, take a trip from Hong Kong to the Chinese city of Hangzhou.

Wach the first part of the epsiode in which the chef picks Dragon Well tea. 

She explains that Chinese cuisine is still something she wants to understand more and Hangzhou is place full of historical locations, dishes and traditions that Lau is keen to explore.

We caught up with the energetic chef to find out more about her career journey, the episode and where she’d love to visit next.

Tell us about your Culinary Journey.
“For me I picked Hangzhou because I was born in Hong Kong and lived in the States for quite a while and I haven’t been in touch with the Chinese cooking culture.

“I have always incorporated Asian ingredients in my cooking but now Im exploring more and more and the different way of cooking, especially Chinese ingredients. The chefs showed me dried bamboo that they eat and some things where they have a very interesting way in preserving some of their vegetables.

“The oldest restaurant in the whole world is from Hangzhou and I found that very interesting”.

Vicky cooks up some Edible Stories - the term she uses to describe the style of cuisine at her restaurant. 

A culinary journey you always look forward to?
"For me I actually go to a lot of little shops on Hong Kong because that’s the real essence of Hong Shops, little noodle shops that have different textures, different soups. I often go to this one place that has all these different types of noodles and I think that’s the highlight of Hong Kong".

What’s one of the highlights of your own career journey?
“Seeing people enjoy the food and understand the story, that makes me the most happy, when customers come and talk to me and they get what I’m trying to express with my food".

In the last part of the show Vicky makes Shrimp Tea fit for an Emperor.

You can catch the episodes lives on CNN International on Tuesday 12 May at 1030 BST and Wednesday 13 May 0430 BST.

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