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The Automated Local Shop

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The Automated Local Shop

We’ve seen some interesting vending machine creations at FDL HQ but we can’t quite imagine heading down to the local vending machine to our Sunday morning shop.

This is exactly what a group of villagers in England have been doing thanks to the work of engineer Peter Fox (pictured above) who took it upon himself to fix the lack of a local shop in his village by building a fully automated shop that sells all the offerings you’d expect from a village shop.

Eggs, milk, bread and other essentials are stocked in the machine that allows people to pay with credit card or cash and watch there items appear at the click of a button. Villagers can even check the availabilty and price of stock through a simple website.

Fox told the Telegraph that a more appropriate name for his invention is automatic shop and that he plans to add more of his machines in places where people have lost the convenience of their local store.



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