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Watch a Vegetarian Try Meat for the First Time in 22 Years

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Watch a Vegetarian Try Meat for the First Time in 22 Years
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People should always be respected for their food choices, but there is a slight curiousity as a meat eater, as to what it would be like as a vegetarian eating meat again after an extended abstinance? There are also jerks who think they can 'turn' vegetarians with one whiff of a bacon sandwich or a juicy steak.

In the video below, an emotional Stephanie Potakis, who claims not have eaten meat for 22 years, tucks into chicken, beef, and slippery bone marrow and enjoys every minute of it at a restaurant in Chicago. The chef responisble is on the receiving end of a grateful hug and gushing praise come the end of the meal.


Potakis told The Huffington Post that she began to consider eating meat again after visiting a rib festival, but doubts have been cast over her vegetarian credentials. Firstly, she is the casting director for the satirical website The Onion, which, if you're at all familiar with, should automatically set alarm bells ringing. Plus, the relative ease with which she tucks into some pretty bold meat dishes is a touch suspicious. Watch YouTubers That Vegan Couple call it out as BS in the video further down.

What do you think? Is this really a vegetarian eating meat again after two decades? Have your say over on our Facebook page.

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