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Vegetable butchery is a thing. Too much?

By FDL on

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Vegetable butchery is a thing. Too much?

We’re told meat is on the way out. It seems like the rise of veganism is much more than a trend, but represents a sea change in our eating habits. It points to a very different way of eating but also a different way of shopping.

For the real meat lover, going to your local butcher, talking about what’s in season, what the best cut of a certain meat is and discussing how to prepare it is a much-loved ritual. But what if you’re only eating vegetables? Shouldn’t vegans be able to have the same experience?

Seasonality is even more important for vegetables and with so many different ways to prepare them it makes sense to talk to an expert who can advise on how to get the best out of them.


Harrod’s of London is providing just such a service in its Fresh Market Hall. Apart from the real butcher’s counter, charcuterie and many other delicacies on offer, you can buy vegetables, or bring our own to their Vegetable butchery who can chop, julienne, spiralizer or season them for you as well as advice on how to best cook them for your family Sunday veggie roast.

There was a time when the vegetable shop included an expert, with inside knowledge from the producer who could provide with the best seasonal fruit and veg and offer all kinds of helpful advice, but those corner shops mostly disappeared with the advent of huge supermarkets and farmer’s markets.

It may sound strange but it is also a sign of the times. Foraging for wild vegetable is the closest vegans will ever get to hunting, so the committed vegetarian/vegan, who takes their vegetables as seriously as a carnivore takes their rib-eye, well, a vegetable butcher’s counter would be a welcome sight at their local food hall.


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