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Dairy Strikes Back – Vegan Cheese is not Cheese

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Dairy Strikes Back – Vegan Cheese is not Cheese

A vegan cheese shop in Brixton, England, La Fauxmagerie, has been told by Dairy UK to stop referring as the products as ‘cheese’.

The UK’s first ‘plant-based cheesemonger’ has been told that they cannot refer to their products as ‘cheese’. The co-founder of La Fauxmagerie, Charlotte Stevens, told the BBC that, “this has been quite scary, we’re a small operation . We don’t have any outside funding, this is our savings in this. It’s a passion project as much as anything.”

“From our perspective we think we have a valid argument there, we think we should be able to call ourselves ‘cheese’ and also that’s what our customer call us. It’s called vegan cheese in many different supermarkets.”

Dairy Uk states that “Plant-based products are simply not dairy in any sense – from a taste or nutrition perspective.”

“It concerns us that consumers are being misled with the use of dairy terms like ‘cheese’ by the plant-based sector.

EU rules state that only cheese made with animal’s milk can be called cheese. However, the La Fauxmagerie’s owners claim they are being clear with their labling and have no intention of changing.

The dairy industry has come under increasing pressure with more and more people moving to a plant-based diet, eschewing milk and cheese. Even devotees of cheese and milk are reducing their intake due to various reports that outline how beef and dairy farming are having a negative impact on the environment and exaserbating climate change.

Plant-based eating will increase in the future and Dairy UK is aware of the challenges facing the industry worldwide. Dairy farmers are already under pressure from reduced consumption of milk and dairy products. 

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