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Seoul's Government Commits to Urban Farming

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Seoul's Government Commits to Urban Farming
Photo Stringer Korea / REUTERS

The Seoul Metropolitan Government in South Korea has pledged to build a special farming road to help to promote the co-existence of urban and rural areas. The road is meant to help ease pressure on rice workers who plant their produce in the ancient Gwanghwamun Square which dates back to at least the 15th century.

Placed in the center of Seoul, the Square offers farmers the chance to grow produce in the city, however, transportation has led to difficulties in the logistics of transporting goods and the new road called Gwanghwamun Nongsaro could help to fix this problem.

It is an interesting example of a Government trying to work with farmers in areas that are developing quickly and rather than look to move the farmers they are trying to accommodate their needs.

On top of trying to catalyze urban agriculture the idea is also meant to increase the citizen's knowledge of agriculture in their area. A solid idea and one that if successful could be a step in the right direction towards rural and urban cultures living closer together in harmony.

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