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10 Types of Wine Glass Explained

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10 Types of Wine Glass Explained

We've previously brought you an infographic detailing 17 different types of wine glasses, but if you're looking for a bit more explanation into why types of wine glasses are shaped the way they are, then look no further.

The infographic from Onwinetime details 10 different types of wine glasses and explains how they are suited to particular types of wine. For example, a wider bowl "enhances the acidity and intensity" of a full-bodied wine like a red Burgundy – take a look at this guide to wine body and colour for more information – while a beautifully cinched rosé glass helps direct the wine to the tip of your tongue.

If you haven't been using the correct glass for your wine, it's not the end of the world, but next time you decide to indulge, if possible, try using the correct glass and see how it affects your enjoyment of the wine. You might be surprised.

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