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44 Worst Types of People in Every Restaurant

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44 Worst Types of People in Every Restaurant

The team at Thillist have created their own list of the 44 Worst Types of People in Every Restaurant and some of them are sure to resonate with you.

The whole piece is a little tongue in cheek but amongst the humor there's some serious truth. Like 'The Communal Dining Thief' - that one person who has to try all the food at the table "can I just try a bite of your cheesecake?" or "can I take a sip of that please?" Everyone has one in their group - if it's you - stop it now.

Then there's 'The Substitutor' - the one who always has to change items in a dish. "I'd like the burger but can I have the cheese from the chicken sandwich instead of the bacon and forget the tomato, instead could you put some of the chili from the spicy wings?"

The list goes on and at some point you're bound to find yourself among the different types of people, it seems we all have at least one annoying dining trait.

Below are five of our favorites from the list and here you can read the full 44 Worst Types of People in Every Restaurant.

1: The Defiant Phone Caller: the one who just has to make a quick (20 minute) call, or a tweet, or a post.

2: The 18-Way Check Splitters: the ones who split the bill precisely according to every single item eaten and then offer up 25 credits cards and some old stamps to pay the difference.

3: The Eavesdropping Couple: tired of their own conversation they're happy to live vicariously through you.

4: Nonstop Selfie Girl/Guy: Constantly flashing a snap of his or her self.

5: The Tip Minimizer: any excuse not to tip. "The smile was just too happy, the welcome felt overly warm, the food tasted suspiciously good - we can't possibly tip." 

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