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Diners Annoyed as People Tweet While They Eat

By FDL on

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Diners Annoyed as People Tweet While They Eat

Are you accepting of people who text, tweet, email or even chat on their mobile phones at the dinner table?

It's a growing activity and as more and more of our lives are spent online something that will only increase. But does it bother you?

Many people argue it kills the atmosphere of a good dinner and one restaurant we featured recently on FDL offers a discount to dinners who leave their phones at the door.

The Zagat Survey have published an infographic from the point of view of dinners and a round 61% claim that texting or tweeting at the table is a "No No."

The Infographic also looks at the U.S. and sees which places are more accepting of dinner time tweets. Connecticut is the least accepting place with 71% of the people who lived there saying they don't like the idea of mobile phone use at the table. Atlanta was the most accepting place but only at 49% - over half of the people there still think it's a no no.

See a breakdown below: 

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