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Tuscany Featured At The Tribeca Film Festival

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Tuscany Featured At The Tribeca Film Festival
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Tuscany's iconic landscape is absolutely mesmorizing and unforgettable. Its rolling hills and charming villages have been the subject of countless artistic pursuits, the most recent being a short film called Light Plate, which is currently being screened at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival until April 28th.

Light Plate is a whimsical black and white short directed by Josh Gibson, a native of North Carolina. The film explores the relationship between food, tradition and modernity. It depicts a storm gathering over the picturesque Tuscan landscape while a woman rolls pasta by hand.

The film's stunning cinematography will make you want to travel to Tuscany in a heartbeat. If you make it to there, don't forget to explore some of region's hidden gems like the towns of Pistoia and Prato.

Check out a preview of the film below: 

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