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Restaurant Owner Wants to Take on Trip Advisor

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Restaurant Owner Wants to Take on Trip Advisor

An Australian restaurant owner has started a battle against the online restaurant review site Trip Advisor.

Claire Rampling owns the Milano's On The Lake restaurant in Sydney and claims that just a few reviews on the site are damaging her restaurant's reputation.

Rampling is among a number of restaurant and hotel owners who have spoken out against unfair reviews on the site which allows any member of the public to set up an account and relay their own experiences.

Rampling, who took ownership of the restaurant just 4-months ago, says that the previous owner listed the business and that just one vicious review is ruining her reputation.

She wants Trip Advisor to change their rules and force those who give reviews to post reciepts proving they have visited the business as she believe that the comments about her were vindictive and set out to destroy her reputation.

It's not the first time that people have spoken out against the service. Just this year Channel 4 in the UK launched a documentary called Attack of the Trip Advisors - speaking with business owners and reviewers about their views on the service.

What do you think? Should reviewers have to post receipts from the places they write about?


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