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This Tree Grows 40 Different Fruits

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This Tree Grows 40 Different Fruits

A University sculptor and artist has produced a collection of hybrid trees that grow multiple fruits at one time, including the one above that can grow up to 40 different kinds of fruit.

Sam Van Aken created the tree by using a technique that involves grafting taking a sliver and bud of one of the tress and inserting it into the main tree - it then takes years to wait and see if it all grow, and eventually blossoms.

The tree of 40 fruits grows a number of stone fruits, including apricots, cherries, peaches and plums.

Aken has created 16 similar trees for private collections, museums and a community projects and created a comprehensive timeline of over 250 stone fruits.

In the video below, Aken discusses his project and how the tree came to be, explaining what motivated him and showing the amazing fruits he’s been receiving from the tree.

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