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Actress Slams ‘Pretentious’ Three-Star Restaurant After Husband Eats Napkin

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Actress Slams ‘Pretentious’ Three-Star Restaurant After Husband Eats Napkin
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A British actress has publicly called out chef Martín Berasategui after her husband accidentally tried to eat a napkin at one of his restaurants.

Tracy Ann Oberman, who’s appeared in the soap Eastenders, was dining with her husband Rob at Berastegui’s eponymous three-Michelin-star restaurant in Lasarte-Oria, Spain when the couple were presented with an inflatable napkin inside a stone receptacle. At some point, it’s not quite clear when, Rob, thinking it was the next dish, started to nibble on the napkin in front of horrified staff.

“My husband tried to eat the white thing. I mean c’mon. Isn’t everyone’s napkin inflated with water then served in a wooden medieval stone????” said Oberman in a Tweet.

Oberman tweeted several dishes during what was a bemusing meal for the couple, tagging We Want Plates, the Twitter account dedicated to bizarre plating. She also tagged Berastegui, who currently holds eight Michelin stars, in one tweet, telling him that the food was "exquisite," the presentation "a tad pretentious," and the staff "so patronising."

Take a look below, and if you’re wondering how these inflatable napkins work, check out the video further down.

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