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The Top 10 Recipe Searches on Google For 2014

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The Top 10 Recipe Searches on Google For 2014

Google has finally released its list of the most popular searched topics of 2014. The list covers everything from headline news and sports to celebrities and food and drinks. Our burning question was: what were the top 10 recipe searches

Chicken crowned the list of the top 10 recipe searches but what surprised us is what came in at number two: meatloaf. Who knew people were eager to learn how to make this retro recipe?

A look below reveals that foodies in 2014 had a general fascination with breakfast foods like pancakes and French toast, as well as crock pot recipes and comfort foods like lasagna and chili.

Top 10 Recipe Searches

1. Chicken Recipe
2. Meatloaf Recipe
3. Banana Bread Recipe
4. Pancake Recipe
5. Chili Recipe
6. Crock Pot Recipes
7. Lasagna Recipe
8. French Toast Recipe
9. Guacamole Recipe
10. Pork Chop Recipes

There weren't any big surprises in the top 10 cocktail searches. Margaritas came out on top, followed by martini and sangria. Mimosas, a brunch favorite, made it into the top five.

Top 10 Cocktail Searches

1. Margarita
2. Martini
3. Sangria
4. Mojito
5. Mimosa
6. Mint Julep
7. Moscow Mule
8. White Russian
9. Long Island Iced Tea
10. Tequila Sunrise

Although 2014 seemed like a big year for the craft beer movement, the top 10 beer searches on Google didn't reflect that trend. Craft beer drinkers will be shocked to know Budweiser was the number one searched beer, followed by Corona and Keystone. Sierra Nevada, the only artisan beer on the list, scraped by at number 10.

Top 10 Beer Searches

1. Budweiser
2. Corona
3. Keystone
4. Miller
5. Blue Moon
6. Coors
7. Bud Light
8. PBR
9. Modelo
10. Sierra Nevada

What do you think? Could you have guessed these would be the top food and drink searches on Google for 2014? Tell us in the comments below

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