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The Toothbrush for Your Tongue

By FDL on

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The Toothbrush for Your Tongue

We've all has that piece of meat stuck between our teeth. The one you just can't seem to budge. No toothpicks at hand and the nagging voice inside your head that keeps making you try with all your might to free it.

A small problem but one we're sure you'll admit can be very irritating. Step up the T2T or ongue To Teeth. A sort of tongue sock that allows people to clean their teeth without hands using their tongue.

The duo pitched the gadget at the Canadian Dragon's Den auditions as an easy way for people on the go to freshen their mouth and clean their teeth.

It seems a little strange to look at but the duo are confident that they'll make the show and gain the $100,000 investment they're seeking.




Via Food Beast

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