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Tokyo Restaurant Wants You To Eat Dirt

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Tokyo Restaurant Wants You To Eat Dirt
Photo Rocket News 24

Looking for a truly unique dining experience? Then head to Tokyo's Gotanda district. That's where you'll find Ne Quittez Pas, a chic French restaurant that for $110 dollars will serve you a seven-course meal made with dirt.

If eating dirt doesn't sound appealing, you can take comfort in knowing the restaurant is known for serving high-quality seafood from Kanawaga's Misaki. But what does food made with soil really taste like? Thankfully, the folks at Rocket News 24 were bold enough to try The Dirt Course. According to them, the dishes are actually pretty good and don't taste like soil at all.

So what's being served? Everything from potato dirt soup with black truffle to dirt risotto with seabass and soiled ice cream for dessert. The reason the food doesn't taste ''dirty'' is the soil being used isn't coming straight from the ground. Instead, it's a special soil called Protoleaf that is made from coffee grounds and palm fiber.

Below you'll find the complete menu. For more pictures of the food, check out Rocket News 24. Does it sound enticing?

The Dirt Course

Potato Starch and Dirt Soup

Salad with Dirt Dressing

Aspic with Oriental Clams and Top Layer of Sediment

Dirt Risotto with Sauteed Sea Bass and Burdock Root

Dirt Ice Cream

Dirt Gratin

Dirt Mint Tea


Via Rocket News 24

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