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Tokyo Crowned Michelin Capital

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Tokyo Crowned Michelin Capital
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For the sixth consecutive year, Tokyo holds the prestigious honor of being the city with the most three Michelin star restaurants in the entire world.

Only two of Tokyo's 14 restaurants with ''exceptional cuisine'' don't feature Japanese food - French restaurants Joel Robuchon and Quintessence.

Here is the full list of three-starred restaurants in Tokyo:
- Azabu Yukimura
- Esaki
- Ginza Koju
- Ishikawa
- Kanda Ryugin
- 7 chome Kyoboshi
- Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten
- Sushi Mizutani
- Sushi Saito
- Sushi Yoshitake
- Usukifugu Yamadaya
- Joel Robuchon
- Quintessence

Japan's capital is home to 14 restaurants - down from 16 - which hold the highest Michelin rating. The two restaurants that fell from the highest category were Hamadaya, which now has two Michelin stars, and Araki, a sushi restaurant that did not make the list this time around.

Tokyo surpassed Paris, which has 10 restaurants in the coveted category, although that number could change as France has yet to announce its Michelin Guide 2013.

So far, the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2013 awarded 53 restaurants with two Michelin stars and one star to 175 restaurants. In total, the city is home to 242 Michelin stars, five less than last year. It's far to mention Tokyo is home to more than 160,000 restaurants - the most of any city on the world.

The Michelin Guide Tokyo 2013 will go on sale on December 1st.

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