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Mystery Diner Leaving Huge Tips in Restaurants

By FDL on

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Mystery Diner Leaving Huge Tips in Restaurants

A secret person or group of people going by the name Tips for Jesus have been leaving huge tips at restaurant, diners and bars across The States.

The race is on to find out exactly who is leaving tips such as $1000 on a $152 pizza bill or the staggering $10,000 tip on a $3,000 bill.

The Daily Dot report that the tips so far amount to around $54,000 and that the mystery tipper or groups of tippers seem to come from the South Corolina area.

The good samaritan who leaves the calling card of an Instagram user name and hashtag of @TipsForJesus seems very serious. One waitress who was tipped $10,000 claimed she never received the money and Tips for Jesus instagrammed a photo of their amax statement to show that the money did indeed leave their account.

Whoever the mystery tipper or tippers are - it seems from the pictures that a good number of waiters and waitresses have been receiving early Christmas presents for their good service.

What's the biggest tip you've ever given and why did you leave it? Let us know in the comment below.

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