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Which States Tips the Most in The U.S?

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Which States Tips the Most in The U.S?
By analysing a stream of data from the card payment system called Square, the team at Quartz have been able to compile an interesting infographic on how different States in the U.S. stack up when it comes to tipping. 
The infographic shows some interesting findings and highlights exactly which states tip the most and which ones tip the least. 
The tips generally fall between 15-16% with the people of Alaska coming out on top with tips that average 17%. This is followed by Arkanas at 16.9% and North Carolina with average tips of 16.7%. 
There’s also data on what percentage of diners choose to chip in each State. If you’re not sure how much you should be tipping check out this infographic that offers up some suggestions on how much to offer in a number of situations, or just go for 20% and know you’re clocking in 3% higher than the biggest tippers in the U.S. 



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