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Why People Are Leaving 100% Tips on Bills

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Why People Are Leaving 100% Tips on Bills
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As many in the food world contemplate whether it would be better to eliminate tipping altogether, a new trend is emerging on social media: tipping 100% on bills.

Hundreds of people have recently taken up the #tipthebillchallenge in restaurants, posting their receipts to social media, in solidarity with servers – who have also been sharing the evidence.

As you can see, to take the challenge you have to match the total of the bill with gratuity, with people leaving some pretty hefty tips that have been making servers' days.


Because 20% isn’t enough. #tipthebillchallenge

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So far, the #tipthebillchallenge is largely a US thing, where there is already a strong tipping culture, so it will be interesting to see whether it spreads to other parts of the world too.

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