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Time's Newest Cover - 'How to Eat Now'

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Time's Newest Cover - 'How to Eat Now'

After their Gods of Food cover last year, Time magazine are back with another food cover, this time with the title, How to Eat Now - The Truth About Home Cooking.

Written by Mark Bittman, the article looks at the death of home cooking with ‘a guide to taking back your kitchen’.

The article looks at how recent generations have been convinced by marketers and advertisers that cooking is a nuisance, one that none of us have time for and how the beauty of the home cooked family dinner is, unfortunately, dying.

The piece also touches on the voyeuristic way in which we now consume our food on television while cooking less and less at home.

Bittman argues that not cooking is costing us ‘money, good times, control, serenity and, yes, vastly better health,’ before setting out a simple guide on how you can easily introduce home cooking back into our daily lives.

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