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A Look at Two New Three-Starred Restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau

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A Look at Two New Three-Starred Restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau

The Michelin starred restaurants for Hong Kong and Macau 2019 have been announced with the big news being that both areas are now home to new three-starred Michelin restaurants.

In Macau, it was the Kelvin Au Yeung’s Jade Garden restaurant that received three stars and in Hong Kong, it was the future facing French restaurant, Caprice, by chef Guillaume Galliot that rejoined the three-star club.

Below we take a closer look at both restaurant with some images of dishes and a little about the newest three-starred spots in the world.

Jade Garden

Jade Garden, which offers up a modern, refined take on Cantonese cuisine, is one of only three restaurants in Macau to reach the coveted title of three-stars. The restaurant entered the guide in 2014 with one star and was promoted two years later to two-star status.

Operated by Kelvin Au Yeung, the restaurant is a plush, opulent affair spread out over five different sections that are designed to reflect different seasons. The restaurant is inside Macaus’s City of Dreams - a huge complex of shops, restaurants, nightclubs and entertainment. There are also 11 private dining rooms complete with private lifts.

Food is modern Cantonese with must have dishes including crispy suckling pig topped with caviar, a wonderful selection of dim sum and a steamed sliced grouper fish with egg white custard and aged wine.

Steamed sliced grouper with egg white custard and aged Huadiao wine.

Double boiled pear soup with Chinese jade, tonic herbs and sea coconut. 

Pic by David Hartung 


Caprice has been a stalwart of the Michelin guide for over ten years. They received three stars back in 2010 but dropped back down to two stars in 2014. They have since regained their status at the top of the culinary chain thanks to the work of chef Guillaume Galliot who joined the restaurant two years ago.

Michelin highlighted the restaurant’s remarkable wine list but also its contemporary take on French cuisine. This is a place for splendour and style, a place for a nod to the classic and a place to enjoy some truly luxurious ingredients.

Beef tartare topped with caviar, pigeon and turbot with sea urchin sauce are some of the stand out plate.

Laksa with king crab, confit egg and sudachi lime.


Beef tartare with caviar. 

Racan pigeon cooked in cocoa pod, pumpkin puree, salsify, natural jus.




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