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4 Gourmet Gifts from Thomas Keller

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4 Gourmet Gifts from Thomas Keller

Fancy giving your friends their very own taste of Per Se from the comfort of your dining room? Now you can with the launch of Thomas Keller's Black Risotto gift set packed with all the ingredients and instructions needed to make your very own Keller style dish at home.

Costing $500, the set contains a black truffle from France, the Provence of course, where else would any self respecting home cook source their truffles? A custom truffle shaver, some carnaroli rice - an Italian grain used by most of the world's best chefs and classed as one of the best for risotto because of the creamy starch it releases when cooked. Some organic white truffle extra virgin oil, Per Se chicken stock, whipped heavy cream from New York and some grated Parmigiano-Reggiano from Emilia-Romagna in Italy - the home of Massimo Bottura.

Speaking about the gift set, Keller said, “People often say to me, ‘I want my food to taste like yours'. Well, one way to start is with the same ingredients...Before you know it, you'll be producing a beautiful risotto and sharing the dish with friends and loved ones. It's my hope that the evening will remind you of a meal you enjoyed at Per Se.”

Oprah's Year of The Truffle

It seems the superstar Oprah Winfrey has gone completely truffle mad this year, adding Keller's gift set to her famous list of favorite things for the 2013, alongside: truffle cheese, truffle popcorn, a truffle grill set including BBQ and Tomato Ketchup with a whiff of truffle, and a truffle laced salami (although here she called it Tartufo - it's still truffle). Five of Winfrey's 60 favorite things include truffle.

Chef Keller has also released a Caviar & Blini gift set at $500, a Chocolate Tart set at $200 and a set of Limited Edition MAC Knives at $900. The knife set contains a chef's knife, slicer, a serrated bread knife, 2 different sized pairings knives and a honing rod to keep them all in perfect condition.

All the gift sets can be ordered online from the Finesse store.

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