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The Zero Electric Hydroponic Grow Kit

By FDL on

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The Zero Electric Hydroponic Grow Kit

The invasion of home grow kits has continued to, mind the pun, grow. FDL have uncovered a number of kitchen design items that allow people to grow food in a home that's tight for space  - most recently The Hydroponic Kitchen Island.

For a much smaller option to an electric grow kit there's these hydroponic herb growers called Auxono - a new product launched recently. It's built to grow vegetables and herbs and harnesses natural sunlight instead of some of the more expensive grow kits that come fitted with electronic lights.

The kit also comes with a pump installed that helps to keep the nutrients to feed the plants oxygenated, an important factor when growing things using hydroponics systems. The pump is operated by the home owner which allows the kit to perform without the need for electricity but the major catch? The product is not yet commercially available.

The man behind the project, Philip Houiellebecq, has set up a Facebook page and is seeking to partner with developers before the product is brought to market. It's an interesting approach and with a simple hydroponic grow kit that requires no electricity, it's sure to gain a lot of interest.

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