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The All in One Vertical Kitchen

By FDL on

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The All in One Vertical Kitchen

We've looked at a number of space saving kitchen appliances at FDL HQ but none seem to do the job as well as this space saving vertical kitchen unit.

Created by Massimo Facchineti the Ecooking unit features a stove, sink, oven, fridge and stove top in one simple unit. The concept design for the product also features a space for green fingered cooks to grow their own herbs.

With the idea still in the concept stages there's no telling if a unit packed with so much electric wouldn't turn into a mini nuclear fulling core but if the concept can be made with eco-friendly energy saving we can see a place for it in most kitchens.

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    Hey,I also think if this thing happen this product will become primary in all kitchen and would be very helpful in the kitchen.
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