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Watch: The Truth About Coffee

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Watch: The Truth About Coffee
Photo Linh Nguyen

Are you a coffee addict? As we recently reported, global coffee consumption, driven by huge demand in the US, China, India and Japa, is at an all time high – it's expeceted that 150 million 60kg bags will be consumed in 2016. Well, those coffee lovers may want to look away now, as this satirical video from lays out the truth about coffee, and it will make you feel like a drug–addled slave to the magical bean, a slave with a severely skewed moral compass.

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The satirical advert starts off calmly: it's morning on a sunny hillock and a young couple are enjoying their first coffee of the day. But then, Roger appears. Roger is here to remind us of the truth about coffee: the fact that caffeine's a perfectly legal and unregulated psychoactive drug, the ludicrousness of certain over–priced and over–familiar coffee chains, whether ‘fair trade’ actually means anything at all, and the clincher: we are all addicts.

There’s a lot of interesting information in the video, which is very funny, if uncomfortable viewing in parts. Will it put us off our daily fix? Unlikely. We are addicts after all.

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