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The Porthole Infuser - Coming Soon

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The Porthole Infuser - Coming Soon

The porthole infuser is a simple design that allows people to create cocktails, oils, teas, drinks, dressings, sauces - just about anything in which the infusion of many flavors is required.

Designed by Martin Kastner, the porthole is currently on the crowd funding website Kick Starter and has so far already raised four times more than was initially needed.

There's 22 days still to go for the project but with the target cash far surpassed it seems there's a huge demand for Kastner's infuser.

It was initially created as a custom design for the Aviary, Grant Achatz's restaurant and cocktail bar in America, but after getting so much attention and some guests even stealing the portholes after finding out they were not commercially available - Kastner decided to begin production.

Investment in the project starts at $25.00 and goes up to $5,000 - and although $5,000 may seem a little steep backers who take this limited edition investment will be invited to spend a day with Grant Achatz at the Aviary - that surely has to be worth the money.

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