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The Pineapple That Tastes Like Coconut

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The Pineapple That Tastes Like Coconut

Horticulturists from Queensland in Australia say they've developed a pineapple that tastes like coconut.

The research was carried out by the state's Department of Agriculture who worked to breed different varieties of pineapple in an attempt to produce a sweeter tasting pineapple.

Named the AusFest Pineapple, the fruit has so far taken ten years to develop. The Senior horticulturist behind the research, Garth Senewski, told ABC News: "When we're doing the breeding, we're not actually looking for a coconut-flavoured pineapple or any other particular flavor. We're looking for a nice flavored pineapple...a variety that is sweet, low acid and aromatic."

Senewski added that he thinks the fruit will be commercially within two years.

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