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The Awesome Photography of Modernist Cuisine (Preview)

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The Awesome Photography of Modernist Cuisine (Preview)
Photo Modernist Cuisine

Fans of Modernist Cuisine have long marveled over the photo secrets behind the epic book. Finally, author Nathan Myhrvold has decided to explain it all in a stunning new book.

The Photogrpahy of Modernist Cuisine will make its grand debut this fall. The book will feature 399 photos from Modernist Cuisine and Modernist Cuisine at Home, as well as never-before seen images that will surely blow your mind. A total of 145 images will be presented in full spread across one or two pages making this a truly visual offering.

Myhrvold explained on the Modernist Cuisine website that even critics of the book series have always praised its photography and illlustrations. 

''We created cutaway photos that offer dramatic views inside previously hidden realms of cooking. We stepped away from recent trends in food photography, which have long seemed to me to focus more on ambiance than the actual food, and shot our dishes on black and white backgrounds that highlight the beauty inherent in the subjects. We also deployed a wide range of photographic techniques, such as compositing, microscopy, macro photography, and diffuse lighting, to create photos that are informative as well as visually interesting.''

MORE: Nathan Myhrvold's Google Talk on Modernist Cuisine

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