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The Pay-As-You-Go Cafe in London

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The Pay-As-You-Go Cafe in London
Photo Vladlena Polina Jakovleva

A recently opened cafe in London is betting on importing a new style of service from Russia in which customers only pay for the time spent inside the cafe and not for the products they consume.

Ziferblat, a cafe where everything inside is free except your time, has nine locations in Russia and is hoping the idea will prove a success at their newest location in Shoreditch, London.

Customers are asked to take an alarm clock upon entering the cafe and note down the exact time they leave. They are then charged for their time at three pence a minute, no matter how many cups of tea or coffee they've had.

Customers serve themselves and can even wash their own dishes once finished. The company behind the project feel that London is the perfect place because people in the city seem to instantly understand the concept.

Speaking on their website, they say: "each Ziferblat guest becomes a sort of micro-tenant of the space, responsible for it and able to influence its life. You will be welcomed by the Ziferblat community and able to work with them to help create, supply and develop this project.”

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