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Chef Sprays Steaks Before Cooking and Ramsay Flips Out

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Chef Sprays Steaks Before Cooking and Ramsay Flips Out

Gordon Ramsay sees some pretty crazy stuff in the kitchen, he’s sort of positioned himself to see some of the worse and as cringe worthy as these moments may be, they also make for great viewing.

One of the latest clips from Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares show has got us feeling a little weird inside.

Filmed inside the The Old Neighborhood restaurant in Arvada, Colorardo, the clip shows a chef who has clearly given up on what they do. So much so that she’s taken to spraying steak to stop it from sticking to the grill.

Nonstick cookery spray is actually a thing - they’re usually made from oils and contain agents such as lecithin which helps to stop food from sticking.

It's not so bad but there’s something really weird about watching the chef add a thick white coating to her steaks before cooking, and as Ramsay says, it's lazy. 

Ramsay is certainly not impressed with her choice.

Watch Ramsay teach you how to make a perfect steak. 

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