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The Crookie - Is it The Next Cronut?

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The Crookie - Is it The Next Cronut?

The it really the new cronut? The Canadian pastry chef who developed the Crookie - a cross between a cookie and a croissant - certainly thinks so.

Ever since the New York based pastry chef Dominique Ansel created his hugely popular hybrid dessert the Cronut - mixing a croissant with a doughnut - pastry chefs around the world have been scrambling to make their very own dessert frankensteins, and why not, people are standing outside Ansel's bakery two hours before opening and he's selling out of Cronuts faster than he can fry their soft, layered, goodness.

This is why so many chefs have been developing their own variation and the latest to step into the fray is the Clafouti Patisserie in Totonto with chef Olivier Jansen-Reynaud's Crookie creation - a mix between a croissant and an oreo cookie.

The creation is basically a croissant filled with crushed cookie with a melted cookie placed on top. Speaking about the Crookie, Reynaud said, "When you bite in, it's creamy and sweet, with the cream wrapping itself in the croissant dough and a crunchiness from the Oreo bits.'

The Crookie is proving a big success with customers with Reynaud saying he will be increasing production to meet demand.

What do you think - Can the Crookie kill the Cronut?

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