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The Adria's Mexican Plans in Barcelona

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The Adria's Mexican Plans in Barcelona
Photo Abigail King

Ferran and Albert Adria have revealed more information about their newest Mexican restaurant set to open in Barcelona.

Ferran announced the plans for a Mexican themed restaurant after coming back from the Cancun Rivera Festival, saying that him and his brother were very interested in Latin American cuisine. Speaking at the MesaAmeric festival Albert Adria revealed more about the restaurant, reports Eater.

Called Jaguar it will be run by Albert alongside and the duo are looking at a space close to the Ramblas in the centre of Barcelona. It will work similar to Tickets with sharable plates, informal atmosphere - the brothers also plan to open a store and a Mezcal bar below the restaurants so they can supply themselves with top quality produce.

Working with Paco Mendez who Ferran claims is one of the best Mexican cooks around - the restaurant will serve Mexican dishes with a modern twist oysters with tequila, empanada, a quesadilla - all presented with that refined Adria style.

In a recent interview with Fine Dining Lovers Ferran said that in 2013 he would return to gastronomy - with a February opening date planned for Jaguar and the recent news that the brothers will also open a Japanese place in Barcelona and are looking to open a snack and cocktail bar in London - it seems that the brothers are busy with plans and that that famous Adria food will soon be available in more places than one.

 Source - Eater

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    What does Adria's statement of him liking southamerican cuisine has to do with the fact that he is opening a mexican joint? It´s like me saying that I like Spain beacuse I'm crazy about dancing to Salsa, while drinking a Mojito. When are we to understand that MEXICO IS NOT SOUTHAMERICA? Muchas gracias and greetings from the Basque Country.

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