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Watch: Man Cook Chicken with 1000 Mirrors

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Watch: Man Cook Chicken with 1000 Mirrors
Photo screenshot/YouTube

We've seen some creative cooking methods in our time, like a man cook steak with lava and miniature cooking equipment... but how about 1000 mirrors?

In our next instalment of inventive cooking techniques we've come across an ingenious Thai street vendor who has done just that, harnessing the power of the sun to cook up his roadside marinated chicken.

Using an impressive wall of nearly 1000 moveable mirrors Sila Sutharat concentrates the sun onto his rows of marinated chickens, cooking them in less than 12 minutes. Fans report the technique yields a tastier and altogether more tender meat than cooking over conventional charcoal.

While the sight is nothing new on the streets of Phetchaburi, afterall the 60 year old vendor came up with the novel idea almost 20 years ago, hungry and curious revellers have been visiting from across Thailand since his solar powered cooking went viral online.

Take a look and watch chicken bake while the sun shines:

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