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Ask For Help Before You Yelp

By FDL on

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Ask For Help Before You Yelp

What do you do if you have a bad meal in a restaurant? Do you complain to the waiter, ask for the manager - or do you, like lots of people, wait until you've left the restaurant and complain to your friends?

The age old adage in the industry is that a customer who receives good service will tell four people, a customer who receives bad service tells 10. That's why it's so important to make sure customer complaints are dealt with before they leave the restaurant.

Talk to the Manager is a new service that allows diners to send a text directly to a manager in a restaurant they're eating at. They can express their concerns in a message that goes to both the manager and the restaurant owner, giving them the chance to deal directly with a customers complaint.

This is no different to asking for the manager in a restaurant but offers people the chance to tell staff about a problem in a discreet, subtle manner. With many diners now  taking to twitter and other social networks to express their restaurant concerns, the technology is sure to provide a valuable service for busy restaurant managers who want to provide great service to their guests.

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