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Terra Madre 2012: 5 Keywords And Quotes From The Food Festival

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Terra Madre 2012: 5 Keywords And Quotes From The Food Festival
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The Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre event is currently underway in Turin, Italy. The global food festival has brought together more than 1,000 small-scale farmers, chefs and artisan producers from 100 countries, including Berkely chef and activist Alice Waters and Nobel laureate Dario Fo (pictured above).

Organized by the international Slow Food organization, the biennial event is is geared at bringing attention to sustainability and the best practices in food production by celebrating the principles of good, clean and fair food.

Below you'll find 5 great quotes from speakers of the opening ceremony of Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre, which runs until Monday. For more information on the event and to read the full quotes, visit Slow Food International.

"Terra Madre is the celebration of diversity. Of languages, cultures, colors and tastes. Diversity is essential for food security and the importance of food in our lives is clear...we must focus on going forward and promoting sustainable models.''
José Graziano Da Silva, director general of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

''Life renews in seeds. Food begins with seeds. In India the word for seeds means 'that from which life arises.' today, the very source of life, is being appropriated and privatized. Seed by its very nature gives...A seed is not invented; it is millions of years of evolution, thousands of years of breeding. Every patent on a seed is a theft, it is biopiracy.''
Vandana Shiva, president and founder of Navdanya, vice-president of Slow Food

''Pleasure and justice must go hand in hand. The power of Slow Food is connecting the two. Pleasure and taste bring people together, bring people back to the table, establishing a new relationship wiht food and each other...We know the unrelenting forces of fast food nation are indoctrinating our children, and that's why we need the universal and very possible solution of an edible education.''
Alice Waters, chef, vice-president of Slow Food

''The earth has been violated, misused and mistreated but the voice of the earth never stops talking to us with passion. We love our earth, it's th eonlly thing that truly exists, producing baskets of sacred food that end up on tables of the world.''
Carlos Vanegas Valdebenito, CET Expo Movil, Chile

''If we managed to cut total food loss and waste by half we would have enough food to feed one billion more people, without having to increase production and without placing additional pressure on national resources... With hunger, the only number acceptable is zero.''
José Graziano Da Silva, director general of the FAO

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