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Love Me Tender: The Tinder of Food Has Arrived

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Love Me Tender: The Tinder of Food Has Arrived

The Tender food app is the idea of three friends from Boston who decided to make a food angled play on the popular dating app Tinder.

Tinder works by users simple swiping left or right to show if they like or dislike a picture of person, if both users swipe right for yes they are matched and can begin a conversation. A sort of shopping aisle of potential mates, it might sound crazy but the app is hugely popular with millions of people all around the world busy swiping for love.

Tender works in a similar way except all the pictures are linked to recipes. That’s right, now people can sit and swipe left or right on juicy pictures of whole cooked chickens, the fresh steam emitting from baked bread, the wonderful gooey pour of chocolate sauce on top of cake.

If a user swipes right, the recipe for that picture is immediately saved in their cookbook and they can recall the instructions to make it at a later date.

We speak a lot about food porn but this latest development directly links the way in which many people look for love to the way in which they can look for new recipes.

Not long now before you’re Tendering for a romantic recipe to cook for your latest Tinder.

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