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Watch A Chef Cook Tempura With His Bare Hands

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Watch A Chef Cook Tempura With His Bare Hands
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A video has been doing the rounds on Twitter of a chef in Japan who seems to have no trouble at all plunging his hands into boiling oil while making tempura.

The video, which was shared by Twitter user @Yuku1991, shows the chef at a restaurant called Tenkin in Hamamatsu placing pieces of food in tempura batter before dunking them and his fingers in the oil.

How does he do it? Well the suggestion is that this fearless feat may be down to something called the Leidenfrost effect, which means that when a much colder liquid, i.e. the batter, comes into contact with a substance that is much hotter than the liquid's boiling point, i.e. the oil, an insulating vapour is created.

However he does it, it’s certainly a neat trick and reminds us of the chef in Thailand, below, who fries chicken with his bare hands.

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