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This Scanner Tells You What's in Your Food

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This Scanner Tells You What's in Your Food

The latest food invention to gain huge funding through crowdfunding is TellSpec, a portable device that plugs into your cell phone and delivers information on any food it scans.

The device can deliver information on nutrients, chemicals, calories and ingredients found in food.

It was conceived by Isabel Hoffmann who was looking to find a solution for her daughter's food allergies. She quickly approached Stephen Watson and the pair started developing the algorithm required to compute all the data scanned from the food and display it in a simple way on a smart phone.

From interviews with the pair it seems the initial idea is aimed at people with food allergies and intolerances. But with the device providing data on nutrients and calories there's many other uses.

Seeking $100,000 through crowd funding the company managed to raise nearly four times that figure with the first devices expected to be ready by August 2014.

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