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Would You Eat A Tampon If Heston Blumenthal Told You To?

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Would You Eat A Tampon If Heston Blumenthal Told You To?
Photo Daily Mail

Some subjects are taboo but that didn't prevent chef Heston Blumenthal from taking the very unorthodox step of incorporating feminine hygiene products into dining. The Michelin starred avant-garde chef has been using tampons as a palate cleanser.

News of Blumenthal's new use for this female product spread through the internet like wildfire. On Twitter, users have called it ''bizarre'' and ''hysterical'' but many are intrigued by the chef's choice and what made him stick tampons in his mouth.

Blumenthal explained it in his food diary for the Guardian: “Lunch at the lab: yoghurt and tampons. We were testing the effect of certain foods and how they coat the palate for an interactive presentation. The tampon dries the saliva out between spoonfuls, so you can identify how the tongue perceives flavour. It did work, but I wonder how it will go down.”

It turns out Blumenthal was introduced to the potential culinary use of tampons during a visit to a food research center in the Netherlands, according to the Daily Mail. ''If you drain the moisture in your mouth you experience richness, creaminess and sweetness more intensely and tehre is really ntohing more absorbing than a tampon.''

As wonderfully absorbent as they may be, Blumenthal has assured that tampons won't be making their way onto any of his restaurants. Would you try putting a tampon in your mouth, or is it just too gruesome? Tell us in the comments below.

Via Daily Mail

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