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Hip Hop Music Makes Swiss Cheese Rock

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Hip Hop Music Makes Swiss Cheese Rock
Photo Coyau / Wikimedia Commons

Swiss researchers have discovered that playing music to maturing wheels of cheese might have the power to influence their flavour and aroma, with hip hop music yielding the tastiest results.

In a project entitled "Sonic cheese: experience between sound and gastronomy" Swiss cheese maker Beat Wampfler set about testing how music can influence how his Emmental in collaboration with Swiss researchers last September.

In his 19th Century cellar in Burgdorf, Switzerland, they placed nine,10kg wheels of Emmental cheese in separate wooden crates and played different types of music, from classical, rock and techno to hip hop, to the individual cheeses, 24 hours a day.

A panel of experts tasted the cheeses last week to assess any impact the music had had on flavour and aroma, citing the cheese exposed to hip hop music (A Tribe Called Quest: "We Got it From Here") much fruitier in flavour than its neighbours exposed to Mozart or Led Zeppelin, and with a more distincitve aroma.

Chef Benjamin Luzuy and jury member, told Reuters TV: "The differences were very clear, in term of texture, taste, the appearance, there was really something very different."

 “The results are amazing: the bio-acoustic impact of sound waves affects metabolic processes in cheese, to the point where a discernible difference in flavour becomes apparent – one which can even be visualised using food technology." A press release from Bern University of the Arts HKB read.

“Put simply, cheese that has been exposed to music tastes different.”

Plans are now afoot to test more hip hop tracks on the future flavour of cheese.


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