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Swedish Thieves Steal $1K of Ben & Jerry's, Forget Ice Cream Melts

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Swedish Thieves Steal $1K of Ben & Jerry's, Forget Ice Cream Melts
Photo David Berkowitz/Flickr

Authorities in Eastern Sweden have reported one of the most bizarre crimes we've heard of here at FDL. Two men reportedly snatched $1,380 (9,000 kronas) worth of Ben & Jerry's ice cream from an unattended truck loaded with the sweet stuff. Things were going smoothly - or so they thought - until things took an icy turn.

Problem no. 1: not considering ice cream melts, the thieves were not equipped with a cooler or large getaway car. Problem no. 2: instead of grabbing just a few pints for their Ben & Jerry's fix, the thieves filled entire bags with the stuff even though some of it started melting during the heist. Duh!

Local newspaper Aftonbladet reports the duo was spotted by a security guard as they tried to get away. The thieves began dumping the loot as they tried to outrun the guard but it was too late. One of the perpetrators, an 18-year old young man, was arrested under the suspicion of stealing ice cream while his accomplice got away.

“As I understood it was all ice cream left. And much had melted so I had to throw,” said Mikael Hedstrom, avspokesman for the Gävle police. “This is one of the most unusual crimes I’ve been involved in.”

We get it. Not everyone can be as slick as a Hollywood hunk when it comes to pulling off a heist. But some planning ahead would go a long way, especially if you plan on swiping ice cream. The true crime here is all that wasted Ben & Jerry's.

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