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Sustainable Caviar Against the Crisis

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Sustainable Caviar Against the Crisis

Caviar has been satisfying even the most refined palates for centuries. Recognizing the best caviar is not always easy, and there are a lot of different varieties to choose from. But in recent years, the sturgeon has become an endangered species (as the females must be killed in order to obtain the eggs), and sturgeon fishing has become illegal in many countries. Consequently, the consumption of caviar has fallen.

But now caviar lovers can enjoy this delicacy without concern, as Russia has conceived of a method to obtain the precious eggs without harming the fish – inducing the (still living) female sturgeon to deposit her eggs. How? By almost “milking” them.

The procedure includes particular massage technique, which activates the fish’s instinct to produce her eggs, which she’ll then deposit naturally. The results seem to be encouraging, according to Mottra Caviale one of the world’s biggest caviar producers whose Lithuanian sturgeon hatchery raises more than 50 thousand sturgeons whose egg production has increased by 40% in the last year.

So even caviar has become environmentally sustainable. But, from foie gras to the new cattle farms or sushi, there’s a distinct ethical trend in the gourmet food world.

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