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Watch Kawasaki's Sushi Robot in Action

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Watch Kawasaki's Sushi Robot in Action
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Sushi–making is a precise art that takes years, decades even to perfect. So, we’re not too sure the likes of Jiro Ono, possibly Japan’s most famous, three Michelin star sushi chef has much to fear from a new sushi robot.

Motor company Kawasaki adapted some of the robotics technologies they use to build their vehicles to create a sushi robot that can assemble, well, pretty basic sushi.

If you don’t want to take sushi–making advice from a robot, then you might be interested in Jiro Ono’s book, where the sushi master explains sushi etiquette. And, in the male–dominated world of sushi, this news of Tokyo’s first female sushi chef suggests change may be on the way.

Watch the sushi robot in action below and then scroll down to find out the best way to eat sushi, if you’re unsure.

Via Food Republic

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