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What it Takes to Be a Sushi Master

By FDL on

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What it Takes to Be a Sushi Master

Becoming a sushi chef takes years of hard work, dedication and commitment. It’s a challenge that not many complete and those that do will testify to how difficult the journey can be.

If you’ve ever seen Jiro Dreams of Sushi just think of the scene were a young apprentice tells the story of making the same sponge again and again for his master.

In a new video posted to promote the upcoming episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, world famous sushi chef Masa Takayam explains what it actually takes to learn the craft.

It’s only a short video but offers some insight into the gruelling life of a sushi chef. If you can’t wait for the full episode and need some more of Takayam, there’s a longer video below that follows the chef in action.

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