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Invite Strangers Round For Dinner

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Invite Strangers Round For Dinner

SupperKing is a new app that allows people to share meals with strangers in their own home - copying from the popular AirBnB room rental service the app allows users to host meals that others attend.

It works for chefs, local cooks or people who are just looking to experience local food in the homes of local people.

Speaking about the app with Mashable, CEO Kai Stubble said: "In a society that thrives on exploring and sharing real world interactions through a digital lens, in-person experiences are still our most meaningful and memorable connections. We created Supperking to spark the feeling of gratitude that comes gathering around a dining table and to create new friendships from neighbors to travelers so that no matter what city you are in, you are part of the Supperking community and can share a meal and story.”

It's a location based app that displays the popular hosts, types of food and great hosting neighborhoods.

The app and the service are available at no cost to the user and is currently available in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. A great way to explore a new location and the food on offer from the people who live and breath the area.

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