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Michelin Star Quality Food Delivery

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Michelin Star Quality Food Delivery

Tired of ordering food delivery only for some soggy ass burger, lopsided pizza or super oily curry to arrive?

There’s nothing worse than getting excited about a take away only to be totally disappointed at what eventually arrives. That’s why the new Supper service that promises to deliver food from Michelin starred restaurants to home in London seems like such a good idea.

Supper is simple, all people have to do is go online and make their order - just like most online food services - the difference here, however, is that the restaurants you can choose from are pretty big players. Benares (picture above), Tamarind and Bar Boulud are all listed as part of over 20 top restaurants that have agreed to join the service.

Food is packed in specially designed bikes that have control temperature compartments on the back, ensuring food arrives fresh and hot. Items that the restaurants don’t think travel well are removed from the online menus allowing them to maintain some control over quality.

At the moment supper is only working within Zone 1 in London but we expect them to expand the service as more and more restaurants sign up. An Atul Kochhar curry or Daniel Boulud burger delivered straight to your door? Now it’s possible.

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