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15 Ways Supermarkets Trick You Into Spending More

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15 Ways Supermarkets Trick You Into Spending More
Photo Caden Crawford / Flickr

How do we make our buying decisions? Why do we enter the supermarket wanting one thing and sometimes come out with something completely different, or spend way more than we planned to?

Well, it often has to do with the clever tricks supermarkets employ to encourage you to spend. The infographic below from neatly outlines some 15 tricks supermarkets use to keep you shopping longer and spending more money, from displaying everyday essentials far apart to floors that slow down trolleys, and slow opening electronic doors. It also offers some handy shopping tips to make your supermarket trip more pleasant, like shaking off the mist they spray on fruit and vegetables to keep them looking fresh, to reduce weight.

There are some tricks you will probably be aware of in the infographic below, but some that may make you really think twice on your next supermarket visit.

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